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I Put Out a New Louiston LP Today. It’s Called ‘Reconciler’, and You Should Hear It.

I’m putting out some new music today. A 10-song record, actually. It’s called Reconciler, and it’s pretty damn good. Like every other Louiston record, you can grab it here or stream the whole… Continue reading

Snow Dog

“The Deification of Imbecility”, a Clever Rant from Craig Ferguson

No idea what the context was for this rant from Craig Ferguson, but good stuff none the less. H/t: B. Scheide

Spike Heels, Slit Skirt and High-Impact Accessories

“How odd a figure I must seem to you now, a solitary crank who maroons himself with a TV set and dozens of stacks of dust-jacketed comic books. Don’t think I wouldn’t appreciate… Continue reading

DIY pond-making

Courtesy of James Breem

Don’t Try. Do.

“Don’t Try”. Knowing we do about Bukowski — straight-shooter, mostly miserable, hated lots of things, author of great poems — I assumed his epitaph was a nihilist middle-finger to humanity. Nope. Not at… Continue reading

Twenty Years and Five Minutes

A tourist in New York’s Greenwich Village decided to have his portrait sketched by a sidewalk artist. He received a very fine sketch, for which he was charged $100. “That’s expensive,” he said… Continue reading

Happy Weekend, Courtesy of the Bronx

In honor of the Bronx, which released a new record recently, here’s a classic going alllll the way back to, what, 2005? Happy Weekday. Go ahead and flip the switch.

Because I’m Such an Authority on What’s Cool, Here’s My Best-of 2012 List that Includes Practically Zero Things From 2012

Best of lists! Here’s what I found to be the most rad in 2012: On the subject of music. I listened to a whopping two records that were released in 2012. The rest… Continue reading

Half Marathon

I ran my first half marathon last weekend, driving some 300 miles north of Pittsburgh to run 13.1 miles with my pal Senneca. The Buffalo Creek Half Marathon was as expected: The first… Continue reading

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