I grew up in Western New York, went to college and bummed around the East Coast for a time. I now call Ithaca, NY home. I tend to think of myself as a songwriter first and foremost, recording and performing under the moniker Louiston (Check out records over at the Mothership). After several EPs, my first full-length, Reconciler, is due out this year. I also got a film credit, having co-wrote the screenplay Zeus. You can read all about it here (or see the trailer below). By day, I pay the bills as a freelance journalist.

This depository, What Should I Do With My Hands?, is my mind-dump, a chance to de-clutter and untangle the bits of thought that keep me from writing songs or mowing the lawn. While this blahg has changed somewhat in its 5+ years, it’s still a celebration of DIY artists and creatives, people with big, audacious ideas. Along with that, expect thoughts on books, snarky rants fueled by my ongoing battle with Short Man’s Complex, LOTS of sarcasm, occasional profanity and posts about my own little projects.

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